Meet your
project’s BFF.

Robyn Stockdale, Chief Orchestrator.

A red haired woman looks confidently at the camera

The bird’s-eye view.

How Robyn gets it done.

Project tamer? Talent wrangler? Organizational genius? All-around good egg? Yep, all those things and more fall under the category “What makes Robyn THE go-to person for creative projects?”

Her approach to managing initiatives is one based in empathy. After all, while evolving from junior designer to creative director to studio owner, she’s been both client and contractor. Sitting on both sides of the table means she’s fluent in business and creative. And, if we may… the business of creative in general. See what we did there? ;)

The duality is an absolute joy for Robyn. She even relishes all the expectation managing, communication, and nitpicky details that go into it. Maybe that’s why she’s made it her career. “Do what you love” and all that.

But of course we’d say she’s great. You’re kinda reading our own marketing initiatives here. ;)

So take a gander at client kudos further down the page. Or head over to review all the other nice things said about her. Like, *so many*.

But enough about Robyn, what can we do for you?

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One point person with a talent pool for days

We know some pretty amazing creatives. Ones who’ve been flexing their creative muscle for decades and are ready to work on your job—no matter how big or how small.

Creative Capabilities

  • Creative Consult & Recruiting

  • Brand Identity & Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Video & Audio Production

  • Website Design & Development

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media

  • Commercial Photography

  • Sonic Branding (jingles/podcasts)

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics Design

  • Copywriting

  • Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe Styling



Yep, reviews are super important. We knew you’d be looking for them—don’t we all?—so here are just a few nice things said about working with us.

Client Judith Cowden

“Robyn’s best attribute is her ability to see the big picture. Whatever the business objective is, it gets accomplished through the creative.”

Client Judith Cowden

Sr. Director of Marketing, Kinney Drugs

Collaborator Solon Quinn

“She goes above and beyond at all times. She’s a project manager, organizer, a liaison between us and the client, a producer and an agent.”

Collaborator Solon Quinn

Director & Managing Partner, Solon Quinn Studios

Collaborator Christine Walker

"I've seen Robyn pull together top talent and manage projects with the grace and the patience of a saint. The end result is always top notch."

Collaborator Christine Walker

Owner, Verse Brand Strategy