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Yep, reviews are super important. We knew you’d be looking for them—don’t we all?—so here are just a few nice things said about working with us.

So many folks. So much praise.
Clients. Collaborators. Each offer up the good word about working with Orchestrata.
“The most unique thing about Robyn is her ability to go from super creative ideas to very logistical details and buttoning all that up together somehow. I’ve never really met anyone who can switch back and forth between those two skill sets as flawlessly as she does.”
Client Judith Cowden
Sr. Director of Marketing, Kinney Drugs
“As a business woman, Robyn is a secret weapon because when you meet her you think, ‘WOW, this is a very, very kind, warm-hearted person’ but when it comes to strategy, planning and organizing, she is a monster.”
Collaborator Solon Quinn
Solon Quinn Studios
Client Jess Novak

“Robyn is probably the easiest person I’ve ever worked with in anything because she’s responsive, and fast, she actually listens to you."

Client Jess Novak

Musician & Journalist
Collaborator Christine Walker

"I've seen Robyn pull together top talent and manage projects with the grace and the patience of a saint. The end result is always top notch."

Collaborator Christine Walker

Owner, Verse Brand Strategy
“You not only get Robyn, you get all of her talents, all of her gifts, and all the people she knows who are just as talented. And her network works at the same level she does.”
Client Joanna Jewett
Owner, Black Bag Productions
“Robyn has incredible vision. She’s very good at pulling together the right people for the right project."
Collaborator Julie Briggs Leone
Proprietor, 443 Social Club & Lounge
Collaborator Jeff Bradbury

“When I work with Robyn I never worry because I know she’s going to be on point with anything that’s needed on a set or on a shoot, have my interests taken care of, and have me set up to succeed.”

Collaborator Jeff Bradbury

Asst. Professor of Audio Production at SUNY Oswego
Collaborator Christina Samuels

“When she puts together a team everyone is at the top of their game. Everyone is professional. Everyone is dedicated to the project.”

Collaborator Christina Samuels

Professional Makeup Artist
Collaborator Kathleen Mason

“If you want something perfectly executed, all with a joyous spirit, which is utterly rare, choose Robyn.”

Collaborator Kathleen Mason

Owner KMase Productions
Client Melissa Gardiner

"She somehow unifies all of these different mindsets and creative energies and brings it together into incredible projects and incredible results."

Client Melissa Gardiner

Musician & Educator